Web Site Basics

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You should think about what your website is for and why people are going to visit your website. Websites can be used for any number of things. If you can think of any subject, you can probably find a website that has it. Website's can be used for personal, commercial, communication, entertainment and other uses.

Who's your audience?
Gathering content

Example of Personal Website's are:

  • Displaying your Resume
  • Displaying your hobbies or your favourite interests
  • Displaying Photo-galleries of family, friends, etc.

Example of Commercial or Organizational Website's

  • E-business site's selling goods or services
  • Promoting your business or organization
  • Technical Support
  • Announcement's and News
  • Customer Feedback

Example of Communication website's

  • E-mail
  • Newsgroups
  • Message boards, BBS's, Conference sites
  • Chat

Example of Entertainment Sites Games, Colouring, Art, Gambling, Movies, Music, etc.

General Use

  • Web Portals and Search Engines
  • Educational Sites
  • Much, Much More.
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