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Organizing your Content into Pages


If you have a lot of information for a website, it's better to spread it out into more than one page. If you just had one page then it would take a loooong time to load as well as being very difficult to read and look through. So we will need to divide our content into pages.

First we need to create the homepage or index page. This is the page that people will first see when they come to our site, from this page they will be able to explore the rest of the site.

Usually we put up an introduction or description of what the site is and links to the rest of the site.

Then we need to create the other pages. For my site I am going to divide it into:

  • History
  • Stories and pictures
  • Map & Statistics
  • Businesses
  • Band office

We are still using pencil and paper here. Just write out the pages that you want.

Creating a Map or a Tree

Creating a map or tree for your website is a good way to visualize how your website is going to be organized. The map usually starts from the top, where the first item is your index page (homepage). Then it branches out to the rest of the website. Here is my map,

If one of your sections has even more pages linked to it then include those as well. Here's an example:

Windows Tutorials
Windows 98 Basics
Multimedia Tutorials
Planning A Website
Creating an HTML page
Dreamweaver 3
Fireworks 3
  Adobe Photoshop 6