Gathering Content
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Here's what I need for my website:
  • Images
    Pictures of the community and people
    Community Logo
    Map (community map, provincial map)

  • Text
    History of the community
    Current Statistics
    Information about the Band
    Chief & Council, Address, numbers
    Information about the Business
    Addresses, numbers, etc
    Stories for the picture

Where are we going to get the information for our website? Here are some of the places where I am going to look for stuff.

  • 1. Band Office & Tribal Council
    Band Stats, History
    Addresses, Contact Info
    Logo(s), Maps
  • 2. Friends & Family
    Photos, Stories, History, etc

  • 3. Federal Government (INAC)

Another thing which we can do is to create some of the content for the website ourselves. What we can do is use a wordprocessor like WordPerfect or Word to type up some of the text. Then what we can do later is cut and past the text into our web pages. We'll talk more about that after. Just save the text on your computer for now.


TIP! Saving pictures from the Internet
  • If you see any pictures or graphics that you like, you can save them to your computer and use them in your website. Just be sure that you're not stealing anyone's work.

  • To save the Image
    • Move your mouse cursor over top of the image you want to save
    • Click the right mouse button to get the popup menu.
    • Choose Save Picture As
    • Choose the folder where you want to save the picture and click OK

  • The image will then be saved to your hard drive.

    Here are some sites that offer free clipart and graphics:
    Barry's Clipart Server
    The Elated Web Toolbox
    Media Builde

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