Reshaping-Pen Tool

Reshaping paths by editing points

Points are the framework for Fireworks path objects. When you draw with any Fireworks drawing tool in object mode, the resulting path is defined by the points you specify when drawing.

The type of point and the appearance of adjacent lines as curved or straight are directly related:

A curve point indicates that adjacent segments are curved, maintaining smooth, winding transitions between segments.

A corner point indicates that at least one of the adjacent segments is a straight line.


To select specific points:

1 Choose the Subselection tool.

2 Select one or more points:

Click a point, or hold down Shift and click multiple points one by one.

Drag a selection area around one or more points.




To move a point:
Drag it with the Subselection tool.

To convert a curve point to a corner point:

1 Choose the Pen tool.

2 Click a curve point to select it.

3 Click the point again to convert it. The handles retract and the adjacent segments straighten.


To convert a corner point to a curve point:

1Choose the Pen tool.

2 Click a corner point and drag away from it. The handles extend, curving the adjacent segments. To change the shape of an adjacent path segment: Drag a point handle. To display a point's handles if they are not visible:

1 Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Macintosh) and drag from the point with the Subselection tool.

2 Repeat the previous step to display the second point handle.

The path preview shows where the new path would be drawn if you release the mouse button Drag a point handle with the Subselection tool to edit adjacent path segments.


To bend only one adjacent segment, leaving the other segment unedited:

1 Choose the Subselection tool.

2 Select a point.

3 Bend the segment:

In Windows, hold down Alt and drag a point handle.

On the Macintosh, hold down Option and drag a point handle.

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