Create Cyber Rez

Create the Cyber Rez home page

Now that you have set up a structure to store the Cyber Rez site, you'll create a home page for the site. As you build this document, you'll add a page title, tables, images, text, and links; your document will contain the same design components as the completed Cyber Rez home page.

If they aren't already open, open the following workspace components:

The Object palette (choose Window > Objects), which you'll use to add objects to your document

The Property inspector (choose Window > Properties), which you'll use to set properties or attributes for objects in your document

Save your document
Save the blank document you created when you launched Dreamweaver.

1 Choose File > Save.
In the Save As dialog box, select the C:\Websites\Cyberrez folder to save the file in.
3 n the File Name field, type index.html.
4 Click Save

Define the title of the page

Defining a page title for an HTML document helps users identify and keep track of a page they're browsing. The page title appears in the browser title bar when a page is viewed in a browser. When a page is bookmarked, the page title appears in the bookmark list. If a document is created without a page title, the document appears in the browser with the title Untitled Document.

1 With the Document window active, choose Modify > Page Properties to see the page property options.
2 In the Title field of the Page Properties dialog box, type Cyber Rez Website .
3 Click OK.
The title appears in the title bar of the Dreamweaver Document window.



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