Define a local site

Define a local site

Begin your site development by defining a local site for the files in the Cyberrez site. A site is a storage location for all the documents and files belonging to a particular Web site. Defining a local site delineates the structure of the site you are creating and tells Dreamweaver where you plan to store all of the site's files. Define a local site for each Web site you create using Dreamweaver.

For this tutorial, you'll specify the Cyberrez folder as the local site folder.




1 Launch Dreamweaver.
A blank document opens.
2 Choose Site > New Site (from the menu bar).
3 In the Site Definition dialog box, make sure Local Info is selected in the Category list.
4 In the Site Name field, type Cyber Rez.
The site name lets you easily identify and select a site from a list of sites you've defined.
5 Click the folder icon to the right of the Local Root Folder field, navigate to the c:\Website/Cyberrez folder, and click Open. Then click Select.
The Local Root Folder field updates to display the path to the local site.
6 Click OK.
7 Click Create when asked if you'd like to create a cache file for the site.
Caching the files in the Cyberrez folder creates a record of existing files so Dreamweaver can quickly update links when you move, rename, or delete a file.
The Site window now displays a list of all the folders and files in the local site Cyber Rez. The list also acts as a file manager, allowing you to copy, paste, delete, move, and open files just as you would in windows explorer on your own computer.
8 Leave the Site window open.
9 Click the Document window to make it active.





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