Create Your Homepage

Creating your homepage

Now let's put some of this training to work. We'll be using Notepad. Open it up by Going to Start-> Programs->Accessories->Notepad. Create a new, empty file. Now you need to type in some HTML code.

Every HTML file has to start and end with the same tags. Just like the tag <b> that tells the browser to make something bold, you need some tags to tell the browser that it's about to read an HTML file. So the first tag you have to use is the <html> tag. It has to be the first thing on the page, and its closing tag, </html>, has to be the last thing.

Inside the <html> tags go the <body> tags. This tells the browser where to look for all the actual content on your page. <html> and <body> are really the only tags you have to use. There are others that you should use, but for now we can get away with just those two. So if you type something inside the tags, well, my friend, you'll have a Web page.

Here's what I'm typing into my webpage. You can type this into your text editor or you can type something else.


This is my Web page about my <b>home</b> community <b>CyberRez</b>. I think it's pretty great so far. I'm an HTML master and everyone should worship me.


Now save that file to your Desktop. Give it whatever name you want, but be sure to add .htm at the end of it so the Web browser will recognize it as something it knows how to read. Let's call this one index.htm.

That's it. You're done. You created a Web page. Go home! Stop reading! You've learned everything you need to know! OK, maybe you haven't learned everything, but you did just make a Web page. So let's go see what it looks like to a Web browser.

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