Creating HTML Files
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Creating HTML files

We can create an HTMLfile in a number of ways. The first way to make an html file is by manually typing in the HTML code using Notepad. Don't worry, this isn't as hard as you think it is. We'll be doing this in this exercise.

The other way in which we can create a web page is by using an HTML editor. An HTML editor is a program similar to WordPerfect or Microsoft Word that lets you create a web page without worring about typing in the code. It make's it a lot easier to make web pages the way you want to. So if you know how to use Wordperfect or Word, then using an HTML editor should come easy to you.

The HTML editor that we will be using is called Dreamweaver. This is my favorite editor since it's easy to use and has a lot of features built into it. Another reason is that we can use a Trial Version of Dreamweaver, which lets us use it for 30-days for free with all the features. After that the program quits working unless we buy it. But I think 30 days is enough time for us to build a website. We'll be using dreamweaver in the next tutorial - Dreamweaver Basics.

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