Fireoworks Drawing Tools


Drawing tools
Fireworks includes a variety of tools for creating basic geometric shapes, as well as tools for precisely drawing irregular shapes.


Draw a rectangle

You'll start by drawing a rectangle with the aid of guides.

1 If the guides (bright green lines) are not visible, choose View > Guides.

2 To ensure that the pointer snaps to the guides, choose View > Guide Options > Snap to Guides.

3 Position the pointer over the Rectangle tool in the Toolbox and click to choose it.

4 Position the Rectangle tool near one corner of the rectangle formed by the guides and drag to the opposite corner.


IPaint the stroke and fill
n Fireworks, the color on a line is called a stroke and the color inside an object is called a fill. The current stroke and fill colors appear in color wells in the Toolbox. You can also set stroke and fill colors with the Stroke and Fill panels.

1 With the rectangle still selected, click the triangle next to the fill color well to open the color well pop-up menu. By default, the color pop-up menus display the 216 colors of the Web-safe palette.

2 Move the pointer over the color swatches and note that the hexadecimal value for a color swatch appears at the top of the pop-up menu. Click a swatch to select that color for the fill (we used white). You can also type a hexadecimal color value in the text box at the top of the pop-up menu.

3 If the Stroke panel is not visible, choose Window > Stroke. The Stroke panel lets you choose a variety of stroke settings, including brush size, brush shape, stroke color, and texture.

4 Choose stroke settings. Experiment with different settings to see different effects. We used the settings illustrated below.



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