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Web Site ProductionThese manuals/tutorials will walk you through the steps of creating a website.

Preparing your Computer

You will need to install the programs that we will be using for these tutorials as well as making sure that your computer has the neccessary display settings to work comfortably with this tutorial and programs.

Planning your Website
Before you dive into creating your website, you will need to answer some of the questions of what your website is for, who is it for, what you want in your website, how will it look and how will it be organized. By going through these steps and question, it will save you a lot of time that could be wasted further along the road.

Creating an Web page
Here you will get an introduction to HTML, how it works and you will create a simple webpage.

Dreamweaver 3
Using this powerful webpage editor, you will create a website for a fictional community called CyberRez. The skills and steps that you will learn in this tutorial will prepare you to create your own website.

Fireworks 3
Using this graphics editor, you will create the graphics needed for your website. The tutorials walks you through creating the graphics for a CAP page for your home community. The information in this tutorial can be substituted if you are creating a another website.

Adobe Photoshop 6
Adobe® Photoshop® 6.0 introduces the next generation of image editing with powerful new features that offer something for every user.

1. Northern Lights Dancer

More to follow......



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